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Sherry's Well Mom Checklist

Have I eaten enough nutritious food today?
Have I slept at least 5 hours, or taken a nap?
Have I bathed or showered today?
Have I exercised at least 10 minutes today?
Have I had at least 10 minutes of quiet time for reflection and renewal today?
Have I let myself laugh today?
Have I let others help me today?
Have I kissed my baby and told him/her "I love you" today?
Have I talked to at least one adult today about how I'm doing today (not just about the baby)?
Have I forgiven myself for mistakes today?

Copyright Sherry J. Duson, 2001

Who Is Sherry?
Sherry Duson is a licensed family therapist based at the Center for Postpartum Health in Houston, Texas.  She developed the checklist after she dealt with her own difficult postpartum experience. The 44-year-old mom calls the period after her second child was born, "the most challenging time in her life" and says she relied on the advice of family, friends and her own professional expertise to get through it. The struggle inspired her to create a tool to help new moms who are feeling overwhelmed. "The checklist serves as a reminder of self-care during a time when many women think being a good mom means denying or even neglecting themselves," she tells The Well Mom.
Thank you Sherry for a GREAT resource!!

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