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I'm Heather Cabot, a former ABC News anchor and correspondent who took a detour from the fast-paced world of network news to the nuttiness of being a full-time mom to my twins. I am not a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer or healthcare professional. I'm just a newer mom who happens to be a reporter and on the hunt for tips and inspiration to simplify my life...and hopefully, yours.

What? is a space for moms to gain encouragement and advice on nurturing themselves as well as they care for everyone else in their lives.  The Well Mom Moment is an email tip sheet with practical and fun ideas to remind moms to take some personal time each week. 

The Well Mom is published in the Los Angeles area in a sunny loft that's close enough to hear the kids when they need me.

Mark Brown Portraits
The Well Mom, Inc. was founded in May 2007.

Inspired by the challenges of trying to be a "well mom" and the encouragement of other female entrepreneurs, I decided to put my 15 years as a journalist back to work. My hope is that the site and the weekly tip sheet, The Well Mom Moment will motivate and empower fellow moms to take better care of themselves.  

During nap time, when the kids go down at night, and in between spending time with my husband, hitting the gym (my sanity!) and my new gig as Web Life Editor for Yahoo!

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