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reminders to enjoy your relationships

Strengthen Your Relationship


By Dr. Jenn Berman
1. Be appreciative
of the good things your partner does to please you, support you, or make your life a little easier.  Reinforce the behaviors you like.

2. Tolerate differences
in parenting styles, but do your best to find common ground.

3. Find time every day to check in with each other so you stay connected.

4. Do something nice for no reason.
Send him flowers at the office or give her a foot rub because you care.

5. Be direct about what you need from one another. 
Mind reading should not be a prerequisite for being a couple.  Tell your partner exactly what you want in specific terms so that he or she stands a chance of meeting your expectations.

6. Make time for intimacy.
Spontaneity can be
hard to come by, especially when any minute someone could walk in or ask for a glass of water. Schedule adult time together.

7. Take good care of yourself.
Your marriage doesn't stand a chance if you regularly don't get enough sleep, eat foods that fuel you, or find a few minutes to yourself on a regular basis.

8. Give your partner a compliment.
Don't hold back from telling him or her the qualities you enjoy in your relationship.

9. Make boundaries.
Say no to activities you don't absolutely need to do or care a lot about. Each time you say no, you are making time for your partner, yourself, or your kids.

10. Address communication problems before they snowball
.  If you find that you and your partner are repeatedly having the same fights, take a communications class for couples, make an appointment with a therapist, or sit down with a clergy member skilled at counseling.

Reprinted with permission from The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids by Dr. Jenn Berman. Copyright 2007 Dr. Jenn Berman, New World Books.

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