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Get Your Mate to Help You Get to the Gym


Exercise isn't always top priority for the people we love. But whether you are with a jock or a couch potato (or some combo of both), when the partners in our lives don't appreciate how much we need THEIR help to stay committed to exercise, our best efforts to workout can go out the window.  The Well Mom asked certified personal trainer Julie Barroukh for some creative ideas to get your husband or partner to cheer you on --- and watch the kids, make dinner, help you out, etc. so you can make time to move your body.

JULIE B's Stay Committed to Fitness Tips

1. Explain to your partner that allowing you just ONE hour a day will enable you to give back 3-4 hours of additional energy to the entire family

2. Tell your spouse or partner that working out has been proven to increase sexual desire, and if you start "revving your engine" at the gym, you might flip the switch in the bedroom!  (Tell him you PROMISE to do Kegel muscle exercises every day!)

3. Make it clear that you are the most important role model for your children and by showing them that Mommy takes care of herself, it will make THEM want to do the same.

4. Remind him that it never hurts to have a hot wife

5. If all else fails, tell your spouse that if he lets you out for an hour to go to the gym, you will let him lay on his butt for an hour watching violent TV.


Julie Barroukh is a Los Angeles based personal trainer.  The mom of three is the producer and host of the DVD series, "Moms With Muscle."  She'll be sharing her fitness tips and tricks with The Well Mom from time to time.  Learn more about Jullie B at

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