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Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Whether you're expecting and are thinking about your post-baby belly, have recently given birth, or are a seasoned mom whose uterus was long ago stretched to the max, maternal fitness expert, Julie Tupler, RN, offers these tips for losing that leftover pooch:

Practice Tupler technique abdominal exercises daily: Sit against a wall or in a chair, and imagine your belly button pulling your belly back towards your spine. Do little squeezes as you pull back, in sets of 100. Repeat 5 times daily. (TWM note: When I had my twins, the maternity nurses at NY Presbyterian Hospital told me to do these and I really think they worked. But please, consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise.)

Wear a Maternal Fitness splint as you recover from childbirth to make the Tupler exercises more effective. The splint is a piece of fabric that wraps around your waist, fastened by velcro.  Tupler says it can help to pull together the two sides of the abdominal wall that often separate during pregnancy, otherwise known as "diastasis recti." You can purchase a splint at

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