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Skinny Songs

By Heather Cabot, Editor-in-Chief, The Well Mom
If you're a serial dieter, like so many Americans, you probably know all of the "tricks" and "miracle" plans.  You've been to South Beach, spent some time in The Zone and
have become a personal friend of the late Dr. Atkins and Jenny Craig.  You've sampled every regimen, including sipping gallons of maple syrup, cayenne pepper infused lemonade for The Master Cleanse.  You TiVo "The Biggest Loser" on NBC.  You devour any inspirational weight loss success story in the pages of People and US Weekly as quickly as you might devour say, one of your "trigger" foods. You know who you are.  But I have a feeling you never thought your love-hate relationship with food could be set to music (or that a song might give you the extra kick in the pants to stick with a sensible plan of eating a little less and exercising a little more).

Well, that rollercoaster ride so many of us endure now has a rockin' soundtrack thanks to Heidi Roizen, a soon-to-be 50-year-old mom of two who once hired a personal chef to help her lose weight and ended up gaining four pounds.  In her bid to finally take off the extra 40 pounds she'd been lugging around since the birth of her two daughters (one is starting high school), she decided to finally tackle her battle of the bulge by writing silly songs about going to the gym and passing up pie.

Not only did she finally take off the pounds, she teamed up with veteran music industry pros, David Malloy and George Daly to produce her very own CD titled "SkinnySongs." Her vision was to inspire other women struggling to get back into their skinny jeans.

"I wanted to put out the musical equivalent of a before and after picture," says Roizen, the "Chief Lyrical Officer" and producer of SkinnySongs.  Check out a music video montage below.

Ironically, she's not a musician.  Roizen is actually a well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former venture capitalist.  But last May, with her 50th birthday on the horizon and her weight at an all-time high of 190 pounds, she focused her business savvy on finally reaching a healthy weight and helping others achieve the same.  She thought the right music might just be the right motivation to change self-defeating habits.

"It's not workout music...This is the music you listen to in the car while you are on the way to the gym or on the way out to dinner so you don't grab the French bread first thing," explains Roizen who at 5'8 is now back to a healthy 156 pounds nearly nine months after coming up with the idea for SkinnySongs.

I will admit, some of the songs are a little bit corny. But what Roizen offers in her lyrics is an every woman story that will likely resonate with anyone who refers to some portion of her wardrobe as "fat clothes."  So many of us have been there and it is great to be able to laugh about it and know we're not alone in this struggle.  Roizen is quick to express that her music is not about being undernourished or skin and bones.  She chose the attention-getting title to generate the notion of getting "the skinny" or straight talk about losing weight.

And with songs like "Skinny Jeans," "Use It to Lose It" and "I'm A Hottie Now," Roizen sought to create anthems to help fellow women "get their heads in the game."

A lifelong dieter herself, Roizen is quick to point out the upbeat tunes do not offer a quick fix nor do they emphasize a particular weight loss or exercise program.    

"I was trying to reinforce that losing weight comes from within and it has to apply to the rest of your life," Roizen told me. "If you are a lifelong dieter, you know what you have to do. It's getting your head around which trade-offs you are willing to make." she says. We all know what we have to do to maintain a healthy weight, maybe SkinnySongs will help people tune out all of the magic bullets and focus on getting down to business.

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