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Many of us will indulge over the next couple of weeks. But you don't have to fall off the workout wagon. Find out how to sneak some exercise into the season. more

Hot Mamas Giveaway
Oct 26, 2008

Money may be tight but your jeans don't have to be.  The Well Mom offers 10 ways to help you keep your commitment to exercise without breaking the bank.

Fitter After 40
Sep 18, 2008

LA fitness trainer and mom Julie Barroukh didn't always look like this! The mom of three changed her life and her bod after having kids. And now she's in better shape at age 44 than she was in her twenties...and gracing the pages of MORE magazine. 
Find out how she did it.

We time-crunched moms often struggle to make room in our schedules to exercise.   But it can be done - with a little planning and creativity .  The fitness team at Wenzel Coaching in Portland, OR uncovers 5 ways to find more time to meet your exercise goals - especially if you are preparing for a race.

Does this woman look like she's had four, count 'em, FOUR kids? This Tampa mom bowled over her high school friends at her twentieth reunion. Find out her secret weapons for looking youthful and healthy.

She went from bed rest to buff bod in 8 months.  Find out how this mom of twins found her sanity and got back in shape after twins.  Go Cassi!


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